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Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть

Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть

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On August 14, in a guest match with the Albanian club Vlazniyawhich ended in a victory by Neapolitans, Gamshik made his debut in the second most important European club tournament [35]. A little later, the president of Napoli in an interview made it clear that he did not intend to part with Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 глядеть оетЯбрЯ, saying that he would sell Marek Состав ювентуса 1997- 1998 only million euros [83]. During his absence, Mertens and Pandev managed to prove themselves. Gamsik is one of the most talented players in Slovakia in recent years []. However, changes were made to Italian law, and Marek was able to immediately go to his new club.

Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть
Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть
Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть
Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть
Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть

The best football player in Slovakia , , , , and Since childhood, considered one of the most promising players in Slovakia, he made his debut in Slovan at the age of 16, and six months later he moved to Italy. Gamshik spent two full-fledged seasons in Serie B for Brescia. In the second of them, the midfielder showed himself brightly and attracted the attention of scouts of many European clubs.

As a result, Gamshik moved to Napoli, becoming at that time the most expensive acquisition of the club after Diego Maradona. Slovak quickly became one of the leaders of the Neapolitans and the favorite of fans, remaining in the team despite a lot of offers from European top clubs. In , Gamshik became the captain of Napoli. It was he who brought the national team to the field in the matches of the World Cup. In October , he became the champion of the Slovak national team in matches - games.

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Marek's parents at the time of his birth were only 18 years old. Richard Gamshik was a professional footballer and played for the local Dukla , Renata - a handball player, a member of the Czech national handball team [4].

Marek has a younger sister Michaela, also a handball player who was forced to retire due to heart problems [4]. Before birth, his grandfather bought Marek boots [5].

Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть

When he was four years old, his father brought him to the Yupi Podlavice football club. At the age of five, Gamshik became the best player in the children's tournament. Most often, Marek had to play with older players, but even among them he stood out a lot.

He was regularly recognized as the best player and often scored. In , Marek and his team won the tournament in Germany : his team scored 18 goals and did not miss a single one, and 6 goals were on the account of Gamshik, who became the top scorer of the tournament.

In , the UPI team took 3rd place in the tournament in Genoa. In the autumn of that year, Gamshik scored 16 goals against the team from the village of Dolna Strekhova in the match of the championship of the Bansko Bystrica Region , and this record has not been broken so far [5]. The outstanding abilities of Gamshik interested representatives of the Prague Sparta. The year-old Marek easily passed the test.

Ювентус сампдориЯ 26 октЯбрЯ 2016 смотреть

A few weeks later, Marek still changed the club and moved to Slovan from Bratislava [5]. Marek got into Slovan thanks to the connections of his grandfather. He confidently went through three shows, and the head coach of the Slovan youth team Igor Bobik took him to the team. On August 6, , after all the proceedings, Marek Gamshik officially joined Slovan [7].

The first days in the new club were quite difficult. Marek was only 15 years old, and he was in a strange city for himself, completely alone. However, Gamshik quickly got used to it and after a month of his performances received a call to the junior team of Slovakia.


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